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  1. Kir. 1. A strong city of Moab; called also Kir-hareseth, Kir-haresh, and Kir-heres, Isaiah ; ,11; Jeremiah It was once nearly destroyed by Joram king of Israel, 2 Kings It is now called Kerak, and is a town of three hundred families, on a steep hill at the head of a ravine running up fifteen miles into the mountains of Moab.
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  3. Aug 19,  · Kir originated in Burgundy, France. It is named after the priest Canon Félix Kir, who was a hero in the French Resistance during the Second World War, and also the Mayor of the Burgundian town Dijon from to
  4. KIR’s platform guarantees the integrity of data with its blockchain technology, which prevents any interference with the stored documents. The service is also completely consistent with the GDPR regulation, as non-public data is stored in KIR’s digital repository .
  5. Define kir. kir synonyms, kir pronunciation, kir translation, English dictionary definition of kir. also Kir n. A drink consisting of dry white wine or champagne flavored with crème de cassis. n a drink made from dry white wine and cassis n. Kir - definition of kir by The Free Dictionary.
  6. Delightfully striated, these pineapple "kirs" (creme de cassis adds the ruby-colored layer) blush to a pretty pink when stirred.

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