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  1. O Loving Jesus, meek Lamb of God, I a miserable sinner, salute and worship the most Sacred Wound of Thy Shoulder on which Thou didst bear Thy heavy Cross, which so tore Thy flesh and laid bare Thy Bones as to inflict on Thee an anguish greater than any other wound of Thy Most Blessed Body.
  2. The damage caused by Original Sin was fivefold; the principal wounds of Christ are five. There is a correspondence here, and this invites us to offer up to the Father the blood and wounds of Christ to purify our blood and heal the several wounds of our soul. To Christ we pray, "Passion of Christ, my comfort be. O good Jesus, listen to me.
  3. 6. The Incised wound (incision) is a cut produced by a sharp-edged instrument. Jesus Christ received this type of wound when the Roman soldier thrust his spear into Christ's side to ensure that He was dead, John In John it is recorded that from this wound, there came forth "blood and water". The pericardium is a closed sac encasing the.
  4. and came to him and bandaged up his wounds, pouring oil and wine on them; and he put him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn and took care of him. Proverbs Verse Concepts.
  5. Apr 21,  · The soul who during life has honored the Wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ and has offered them to the Eternal Father for the Souls in Purgatory, will be accompanied at .
  6. Wounds of Christ. The passion and death of Jesus appears in the four gospels and each dwells on certain details of that great story. John’s Gospel, more than the others, finds Jesus’ wounds particularly significant; they’re unlikely signs revealing the mystery of the Word made flesh.
  7. Jan 26,  · Christ's Body, Christ's Wounds: Staying Catholic When You've Been Hurt in the Church [Tushnet, Eve, Scalia, Elizabeth] on oladsimasuppbansecingenabillhab.coinfo *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Christ's Body, Christ's Wounds: Staying Catholic When You've Been Hurt in the Church/5(2).
  8. Jun 24,  · For Catholics, the rose serves as a symbol of the rosary, which Catholics use during prayer and also to commemorate several important events in Christ's life. In Christianity, the five petals of the rose symbolize all five of Christ’s wounds from the crucifixion. The color of a .
  9. Chaplet of The Five Wounds, Prayer (Passionist) The Five Wounds of God chaplet information This chaplet contains 5 groups of 5 beads each. On each bead one Glory Be is said, and between the groups one Hail Mary in honor of the Sorrowful Virgin. Meanwhile one meditates on the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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